About Founder

Born in 1977, Stephen Fiddler has a bachelor in Family and Child Sciences. At a young age, Stephen Fiddler grew up with a family that had drug addiction problems. His father died from a drug overdose when Stephen was fourteen. This was not easy for Stephen, and he also became addicted to drugs. When he was sent to rehab at the young age of 16, he decided he wanted to change. He became very involved with drug recovery services and frequently volunteered at the recovery clinics in his neighborhood. After getting his bachelors, he decided to open his own clinic after realizing that this was what he is meant to do.


Stephen has a deep sense of compassion and dedication for others. He is always kind and not afraid to reach out to people. As someone who had failed to reach out to their family when they needed help, Stephen understands that sometimes familial bonds makes addiction more complicated. He found this clinic based on these beliefs and wanted to provide a different kind of family that an addict can find and rely on.


Stephen likes to be involved and does not let his position as a founder stop him. He is at the clinic talking to patients almost every day. He wants to know each of his patients personally and provide a family for recovery in the way they need it. He likes to be treated just like any other staff and is there to help when he is needed. He wants to make the journey of recovery as comfortable as possible. He is always asking his staff questions and willing to listen to what his clinic can improve on. This is why the clinic is always up to date with the best recovery methods and treatments.