Care in the Clinic

Our clinic offers a wide variety of resources for recovery for both men and women. All our programs and services are certified and are the best of its kind. We will make sure you take the best path on your journey of recovery.

Detox Centers

You will have a personalized staff with you that understands your needs and what you are going through. They are all caring and empathetic. You will be free of judgment and will be carefully guided until the drugs leave your system.


Services for Pre-Adults 

We have a specific center for people who have not yet reached adulthood. Our staff is experienced and will become the perfect family for younger addicts who are struggling to find support and a place where they feel like they belong. We understand that growing up is hard which makes a recovery often harder. This allows younger people to find the required help for their specific needs

Treatment Facilities

We pride ourselves in having the best facilities possible. They are personalized and will adapt to every individual depending on their background and severity of addiction.

Mental Health Services

Drug addiction can happen to anyone. However, a lot of times they are a result of other underlying mental issues. These can range from the social environment you grow up in or mental disability. We can help you learn about them. It is essential to keep a healthy mind when recovering because addiction is a disease of the brain. You will be working with professionals who have all been trained in counseling and therapy.

Sober Planning

After a patient becomes sober, many are still lost on how to live a life without drugs. This program is designed to help patients learn more about themselves and figure out what they love doing and what they want to do in the future. Sobriety is a wonderful thing, but sometimes clients need to learn why it is wonderful. We can help you find contacts for careers once you go back into society.


Just because you are recovering does not mean you can’t have fun. We host many events where the whole clinic family participates in. Sometimes the events are very active, and we hold sports competitions. Other times, they are quieter, and everyone comes together to watch a movie. We also have a beautiful swimming pool, gym and a multipurpose court for you to get active whenever you want.