When Should I Call Your Clinic?

If you are in any way worried, it probably is a good time to call. Most people’s intuitions about an addiction problem are spot on. It is always better to call early then to call too late. We will send over a team of professionals to evaluate you medically and make our recommendation from there.


How Much Does Your Clinic Cost?

There is no straight answer to this. It will be different for everyone. Depending on how long a person stays and how severe the addiction is, the cost will change. However, you must understand that the other cost may be someone you love or your life.


What Should I Bring?

Bring enough clothes and toiletries that will last you for your full time here. It is also recommended you bring something you like doing like a book or some knitting supplies. We do not allow cell phones or any electronics in our clinic so bring letters and stamps if you want to stay in touch with anyone while you are in rehab. A journal is something you can consider too even if you have never kept one before. You may find a lot of exciting things to write about as you recover.


How Do I Create an Intervention?

Interventions should be about the person you are trying to help and their needs. You want them to realize that they are hurting themselves and are hurting the people around them that they care about. After assisting them to understand, you need to make sure they take the steps required to recover by coming up with a recovery plan. The hardest part is telling them the consequences if they do not go through with the program. It is recommended that you use a professional to join you during the intervention.