Life After Rehab

Rehab is only the first step for everyone. While it is the hardest step, facing addiction as a chronic disease also has many challenges. Many of the reasons a client initially becomes addicted to drugs still exist, and they now have to go back and face them. With our help, we will provide you with a good guideline on what you should be aware of in your new sober life. You can always contact us for help or more details.

Reinventing a Social Life

One of the best ways to remain sober is to have sober friends. Initially, many recovering addicts will find they feel lonely and bored because drugs used to be the only thing that filled that void. However, recreating a social circle will help fill that void too. These friends will help you explore new hobbies. You will learn that life is full of surprises and there are a lot of fun things out there besides drugs. Don’t be afraid to suggest to the people who care about you to learn about your addiction.

Continue Therapy

There is no shame in therapy. Therapy is recommended to everyone because it has shown to be a successful way of moving forward in life. Everyone runs into problems, and everyone needs help once in a while. Do not be scared of asking for help and therapists are there to give it. If you do not have a therapist, it is highly recommended you at least schedule check-ups. Checkups will help you hold yourself accountable and responsible for your actions.

Support Groups

We highly recommend all our clients to join at least one support group after you leave rehab. The most popular group is the 12-step meetings. It is good to meet other addicts who are sober so you won’t have to struggle with it alone. Sometimes it is hard to talk to people who were never addicts about your addiction. It is good to have people around you who will understand. The 12-steps also help you keep track of your progress and can create a rewarding experience. A lot of times, sobriety may feel uncredited, and these meetings will help recognize your achievements despite the difficulties through your new life of sobriety. If the 12-step meetings do not seem like they are suited for you, there are many other different kinds of support groups out there. We can help you find the perfect fit.