Myths about Drug Addictions and Rehab

Sometimes, someone may want to recover from addiction but has heard bad things about rehab. They will choose to try to stop their addiction by themselves which hardly ever works. Other times, they may want to ask for help, but the people around them have the wrong ideas about drug addiction, so they have no one to turn to. The good news is, all the bad things one hears about recovery and rehab is always wrong, and rehab is the best place for someone to get well at. Here are some of the common things people believe and why they are wrong.

People Choose Addiction

False. Chemicals in the brain are changed when someone becomes addicted to drugs. Once addicted, there is no way a person can choose to stop abusing the drug they are addicted to without medical help. Their lifestyle and livelihood start to depend on it.

Addiction Is A Sign That Someone Is Weak

False. Addiction is not a character flaw. Addiction is like a mental illness, and it’s not a sign that someone’s willpower is not strong enough. Addicts have a disease and like other diseases cannot get well unless they are cured of it.

Treatment Never Works

False. In fact, it is the best way to help someone recover from drug addiction. Drug addictions are one of the most intense diseases, and treatment also takes time. It is true that treatment does not always work the first couple of times for everyone, but recovery is always hard. No one will tell you it is easy.

Only People Who Want Treatment Should Get It

False. Only a tiny small percentage of addicts actually want treatment. Most people who recover were sent to rehab by the court or their family. Despite addicted people’s intentions, many of them do recover and live a sober life. They are better even if they did not want to get treated. Many people forced into treatment actually do very well.

There Is No Hope for Someone Who Continues To Relapse

False.  Addiction is chronic and will never truly go away. Relapse can happen at any time and in the most unexpected ways. Just because someone gets sick again does not mean they have failed to get well. A lot of times, the reasons someone first became addicted was the environment they were in before they were treated. To go back to that environment can trigger addiction once again.